Hosting Recruits at Hulk Hogan's

Miami Northwestern WR JoJo Robinson visited USF last weekend.

MIAMI, FLA - When your college is located in Tampa, Fla., there are certain aspects of the city that can be taken advantage of during big recruiting weekends.

How many colleges across the country have the ability to put nearly 20 recruits on a three-story yacht in the middle of January? The Bulls did just that last weekend.

"We had a boat provided for us and we just road around and ate," said Miami Northwestern three-star wide receiver JoJo Robinson. "It was fun. The boat had three floors and we sat on top and rode around looking at all the big houses. On the second floor they had music and on the first floor was a big buffet of food."

The Bulls staff utilized all the well-known Tampa landmarks during the weekend. On Saturday they went to Busch Gardens amusement park and ate at Hogan's Beach for dinner. That's right, that's the world famous WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan's restaurant.

"We had dinner at Hulk Hogan's restaurant. It's on a beach, it's nice. We went with all the recruits and players from the team," Robinson said.

The USF staff may not land all the recruits they hosted last weekend, but there is one thing we know for sure, their trip to Tampa was a memorable one.

247sports National Recruiting Analyst Ryan Bartow contributed to this story

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